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Windy Street takes pride in the work we do and we are happy to provide references to any of the clients we work with. We thank all of our clients for showing trust in us.

The Windy Street team is crucial to our overall tax department. They have recruited highly qualified tax resources to serve our firm and the entire team goes above and beyond to ensure a quality work product. I have been very impressed with both the work ethic and desire to not only learn advanced technical tax concepts, but apply those concepts learned to the next project. We have enjoyed our partnership with Windy Street and look forward to continuing to expand the team.

Tax Leader - Client Britain

Top 65 Accounting Firm

Having worked for a Big-4 firm in a prior life, I’ve worked with a global team of resources to source projects and meet the needs of our customers. Our transactions practice has been growing significantly and we needed an outsourcing partner to help meet the needs of our clients. After interviewing several potential candidates, it was a no brainer choosing Windy Street due to their deep pool of ex-Big 4 resources and TAS expertise.
Since partnering with Windy Street, we’ve grown our top line significantly, reduced the turn-around time on projects, and been able to keep our employee retention levels a historical low.

Transactions Leader - Client Venice

Professional Services Firm

Windy Street has been instrumental in our firm’s growth.  As the owner of a small CPA firm, I have to wear many hats. The biggest challenge is human resources.  Finding the right fit, describing the right skill set, the interviewing and onboarding process takes a lot of time and over the years there has been a lot of trial and error. Windy Street has taken this burden off the firm, so I can concentrate on my highest and best use, client service.  Because Windy Street understands what skills public accounting firms need in their staff and provide an environment more sophisticated than just contractors who help with capacity, their/my staff have merged into my firm’s culture and processes helping build capacity and efficiency.

Owner - Client Wales

Tax Firm

I want to extend my congratulations and appreciation to Windy Street's audit team. The team has been very agile and thorough with their output. While they are based in India, their involvement and integration into the team is seamless. As the team comprises able and experienced auditors from the Big-4, they quickly understood our entire Audit delivery process and scaled up the India-based team, allowing us to pursue and capture several highly attractive relationships.

Audit Leader - Client Britain

Top 65 Accounting Firm

I have worked with Windy Street now on a weekly basis for two years. I appreciate that they are a team full of ‘deal people.’ They understand what drives a deal and what the key areas to dig into are. The knowledge leaders and experience on their team is unmatched when it comes to outsourced accounting partners. Further, they are extremely hard working, great communicators and have served as a seamless extension to our internal team. We all love the Windy team!

Transactions Partner - Client Britain

Top 65 Accounting Firm

Compared to other outsourced vendors the firm has tried, Windy Street has a much better business model. Head and shoulders above other outsourced accounting services I’ve used. Having a team dedicated to my firm that gets to understand the clients and also develops institutional learning is great. They are part of the team vs. just 'helping'. Love that they are asking these questions and want to understand the tax law behind what they're doing vs. just inputting data.

Partner - Client Wales

Tax Firm

Windy Street will love to connect with you to set up a new service offering whether it be related to investment banking support, or data analytics, or anything else you need help with. We have successfully expanded to five service lines in the last two years and are excited to partner with you and grow our expertise in an additional service offering.