Why India?

India is the Outsourcing Capital of the World

With More than 100k Accounting / Tax Professionals Supporting from India

Windy is the best long-term partner

The Big-4 accounting firms have presence in India for several years now and have thousands of professionals supporting the U.S. and global offices from India. Due to India being a largely English-speaking country with deep internet penetration, this industry has grown immensely over the last few years. India is now considered a global destination not only for routine / mundane tasks but also for high-value and complex projects across various industries (technology, accounting, etc.). Windy Street offers a partnership to accounting and professional firms so they are able to leverage on the experienced talent pool available in India at reasonable costs.

Why India?

The top 10 global accounting firms (especially Big-4), large professional firms, law firms, etc. have their delivery centres in India that started several years back. These delivery centres support network firms spread across the globe and create synergies in numerous ways.

We distinguish ourselves as a firm that is exclusively focused on outsourcing and on delivering the best output. Our team of professionals (ex-Big-4’s primarily) work closely with our clients to provide comprehensive, streamlined, and tailored services that build confidence and empower essential business decisions. Client satisfaction is the hallmark of our progress.

More than 90% of our experienced team members are from the Big-4 and equipped with various experiences, skill levels and specializations. Utilizing the best available talent with Windy Street also enables clients to diversify attrition challenges. Globally, India has always been the first choice for industry leaders since we have a vast English-speaking population with relevant skill set.

Matured Accounting Service Industry and Availability of Experienced Professionals
English Speaking Population
High Internet Penetration
(>100 Mbps at ~$15 per month)
Best time to start as Hybrid / WFH is norm now
Significant Cost Savings
(Improved project economics)
Higher Productivity
(Working around the clock)

Windy Street will love to connect with you to set up a new service offering whether it be related to investment banking support, or data analytics, or anything else you need help with. We have successfully expanded to five service lines in the last two years and are excited to partner with you and grow our expertise in an additional service offering.