Focus on employee learning and development

Helps us delivery quality

Immersive Learning

We are focused on learning and development activities as these are necessary for upskilling our existing team members and training our newer team members. Our learning and development is segregated into:

  • Trainings that are provided by Windy Street
  • Trainings provided by our clients
  • On-the-job trainings
  • Soft skill and IT trainings

The 360° Approach

We have developed a formal training plan that is customized for each service line and for different levels. For instance, our tax team has an immersive three-week training session conducted in January. We also mandate a minimum number of trainings hours in a year for all employees.

Trainings alone cannot provide certain experiences that people gain in live situations. Therefore, we encourage inbound and outbound rotations and have had several of these rotations in the last couple of years. These experiences have helped our team members tremendously in being more integrated on engagements.

Our training plan also includes soft-skill training – email writing, verbal communication. Also, there is a formal training on IT and data security policies that is mandatory for all employees.

Our team has individuals who have led the learning team at Big-4, have onshore experience, etc. We are leveraging on the experience of these individuals to train other team members at Windy Street so our clients experience the benefits of this partnership.

Formal Training Plan
Team Comprised of Big-4 L&D Leaders
Partner with Client for specific trainings
Rotation Program
Soft-skill training
Annual Data Security Training

Windy Street will love to connect with you to set up a new service offering whether it be related to investment banking support, or data analytics, or anything else you need help with. We have successfully expanded to five service lines in the last two years and are excited to partner with you and grow our expertise in an additional service offering.